-We trench at the foundation 3 to 5 inches deep.
-Power wash all surfaces being painted for good paint adhesion.
-Mask windows, doors, roof tiles, floors, and patio furniture as needed to prevent over spray.
-Apply stucco patch to cracks and areas necessary to match existing texture.
-Caulk wood and around windows and doors as needed.
-Apply primers or water sealers as necessary.
-Apply finish coat to stucco with paint sprayer.
-Brush and roll wood trim and siding.
-Remove all masking materials .
-We then carefully clean all work areas and put everything back together as it was when we arrived.




Exterior Painting Process



Newman Painting has over 30 years experience in Painting all types of Exterior Painting jobs. We specialize in Commercial Painting and Residential Painting jobs. We offer affordable prices and only use the highest quality materials to get the job done. Please look at our Painting Process below with our before and after pictures.

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